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Slept wrong neck pain?

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by on December 3, 2014
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People often come to us after searching the term, “Slept wrong neck pain.” Have you ever woken up with severe pain in your neck or the back of your head? Usually you went to bed feeling fine and then woke up with a terribly sore neck. It feels like you went 5 rounds in the octagon while you were sleeping! What happened between 10 pm and 6 am? Most people will look to their pillow for blame. Does your pillow provide enough neck support? Does it provide too much neck support? Is it too soft? Is it too firm? Or, did you just sleep on your neck wrong?

Slept Wrong Neck Pain Personalized

The answer is, although your pillow should provide support without being excessively large, and can affect your comfort while sleeping. Your pillow doesn’t change while you are sleeping. But you do! As you move and re-position yourself while you’re sleeping your neck will stay flexible and stable to support your head as long as everything is working properly. If there is a decrease in biomechanical function due to a diminished neurological signal caused by a pre-existing condition called a spinal subluxation, you will be much more pre-disposed to experiencing “spontaneous” neck pain in the morning. Spinal subluxations can be caused by everyday occurrences and go unnoticed until they finally result in back pain, headaches or neck pain.

If you would like to find out if the cause of your “spontaneous” neck pain is caused by the presence of a spinal subluxation, seek out a trained professional in your area. Chiropractors are the only profession in the world specially trained to detect, identify, and treat spinal subluxations. In the San Diego area call Personalized Chiropractic at: +1 (858) 866-3345

Set an appointment to be evaluated for the presence of subluxations and given the solution to correct them.

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