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San Diego Chiropractor Looking for a great San Diego Chiropractor or just wondering “are chiropractors real doctors?” Please allow us to introduce Ryan Curda, D.C. one of the few chiropractors located in Pacific Beach. Dr. Curda provides chiropractic care to San Diego residents primarily in the Pacific Beach and La Jolla area. He specializes in treatment for sciatica in San Diego, help for herniated disc, and offers low chiropractic exams for first time visitors.

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"Chiropractic is a holistic approach to health care, which focuses not just on localized symptoms, but considers the whole-body approach to healing. A problem in one part of the body may affect other areas of the body in ways that may not be appreciated when the healer is focusing only on local symptoms. If your children are having issues with colic, bed wetting, or back pain please call us regarding our children’s chiropractic care."

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If you are in Pacific Beach, La Jolla or San Diego and are experiencing any type of back pain, headaches, whiplash or sciatic pain issues please download our first time visitor chiropractic coupon. We re-align the spine to allow your body to function normally again and relieve these symptoms of pain. Let’s work together to help resolve your back pain once and for all. Please download our first time exam coupon online and set your appointment today. Many people ask, “Are chiropractors real doctors?” Dr. Ryan can show you what he can do for your back or neck pain.

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If you are experiencing painful symptoms, such as a herniated disc please don't hesitate to call us today. At Personalized Chiropractic, we correct the root cause of your pain by improving spine alignment and overall wellness. Making these corrections can take time, so don't delay, get started with your local Pacific Beach Chiropractor Dr. Ryan, and be on your way to living pain free today! We specialize in treatment for sciatica in San Diego and surrounding areas including La Jolla, Clairmont, Sorrento Valley or UTC, so please come in for a discounted chiropractic exam today.
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